Monday, October 3, 2011

All this is love, love's gifts.

This is my last Multitude Monday post.

On Saturday afternoon, I will pass through the door that only Love can open...and my life as the littlest daughter of St. Dominic will begin.

In the meantime, there is so much to be grateful for here and now...just noticing the little moments of grace every day...

...starting new, for the last time (here, anyway), in no particular order...
  1. he came back to get me for Compline
  2. Gregorian Salve, oh, how I'll miss it, though the Dominican Salve already holds a place in my heart, too.
  3. singing O Lumen in the dark on the way home, followed by the De Profundis.
  4. I have a place to call home and a family that loves me
  5. Sister time watching Theresa of the Andes together and thinking about the separation we will have to endure as I answer God's call to be a cloistered nun
  6. Brother time building the best K'nex ball tower ever; I couldn't have done it without him 
  7. the astounding generosity of a friend giving me her favorite icon 
  8. I was able to go to confession (finally, and just in time to prepare for my entrance!)
  9. Adoration for more than an hour on Friday
  10.  hugs, hugs, and more hugs
  11. sunset Vespers by the bay
  12. the beautiful moon, waxing again
  13. my oldest brother, still the best big brother ever
  14. the humility that comes from reading through old teacher's comments from high school, just reminding me where I've come from
  15. beautiful plans of my friends from college, working on Organization for Life projects
  16. other vocation stories
  17. Dominicana articles making me think every day (and reminding me to pray for my Dominican brothers!)
  18. a holy priest's homilies podcasted!
  19. week of holy feastdays, especially St. Francis of Assisi tomorrow, Bl. Raymund of Capua on Wednesday, and Our Lady of the Rosary on Friday.
  20. the grace to keep on praying
  21. these words from today's Office of Readings: "pray earnestly and frequently, not offering long and wearisome prayers, but praying often, and with perseverance." (Saint Ambrose)
for these, and the untold gifts that I've noticed moment by moment but forgotten now...

my sweet Jesus, I thank You!  

And I join the Gratitude Community at A Holy Experience today for the last time
Blessed be God forever, forever Amen!

One day at a time...

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