Monday, September 19, 2011

counting down the days and still counting gifts

19 days left until my Entrance Day and what am I doing?

Trying to live life as normally as possible, right here, right now,
even as love grows more intense, more urgent with every passing day.

My sister throws herself into my arms over and over again and I don't mind because I know I'll miss her, too.

My brother and I, we dream big, and build tall. Another ball tower, weeks in the making...and it is amazing!

And I yell at him and his teammates on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, cheering them to run fast and hard and well. And he does, he runs the 5k in under19 minutes, breaking his record from last year.

I spend time with beautiful children across the street, and every day I learn love, so many ways I never dreamed of. So many precious moments here!

The students have been back for a week, and though I know only too few of their names, they are part of my family, too. It's a crazy wonderful family, and I'm thankful to be here, if only for a time...

This week, I am going to visit my mother's family for a few days, and hopefully visiting a priest friend  who lives in their area as well, if God wills it. But how will I say goodbye to the land of my first birth?

And I have a letter to write, possibly the last one for some time.
Lord, please help me find the words to say thank-you again!

Giving thanks for God's super-abundant gifts:

-time away from the blog to clear my head...
-but still finding time to write a post on a Sunday afternoon, giving thanks
-a surprise for my sister nearly done
-hugs, hugs, and more hugs
-brother takes me to Compline twice a week : : it's never too late!
-sister's delicious chocolate brownies
-crocheting blue yarn in the round
-advice from a friend
-the Saint Song (just plain fun!)

-tears of fatigue : : tension melting away : : rest
-the last beautiful letter in this series
-more fun with rubber stamps
photo by my neighbor, mother of 3!
-train whistle wishes
-chasing that beautiful toddler across the plaza
- Baby Bjorn : : picture of three girls ready for an adventure

(there were three of us in this picture, but I didn't ask for permission from the parents of the other two to post their pictures online, so just me here. Sorry. But imagine, if you can, a beautiful baby girl in a baby carrier and my sister at my side--that's her hand on my shoulder)

-bursting out happy smiles on our faces

-finding a classmate and cross-country captain at the meet
-cheering the team until my voice starts to give : : 18:59!
-a random kid's thoughtful thanks for my encouragement
-apple cinnamon muffins for breakfast
-running around with 4 amazing kids again : : joy, joy, joy, joy : :Go, Go, Go! on an adventure

Joining the Gratitude Community at A Holy Experience today and every Monday 
(but there are only two Mondays left until E-Day!)
Blessed be God forever!

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