Monday, September 5, 2011

Multitude Monday

(just an old picture I drew w/Paint a few years ago)
Now, with little more than a month left at home, 

moments are all I have,

and moments are all I have to deal with.

This double truth

is a double grace

and I am giving thanks today 

for God's superabundant gifts of grace: 


-Thursday evening phone call : : a chair to hold me : : joy and thanksgiving running over
- Living Engaged to Him now : : thoughtful responses to my news coming in every day : :
so much love : : so many words of encouragement!

-Catholic family across the road : : tomatoes and strawberries : : talk of engagement with one who understands -she baked an extra loaf of bread for them  

-Señor's wisdom : : sharing his "I told you so" laughter

-no one at home at the wrong door : : orange crescent moon setting over the Bay : : Coyote lessons : : Guardian angel : : encouragement from a Christian friend : : wondering about angels
-I am not alone : : I am not independent

-encouragement from my grandmother to keep writing : : a generous aunt

-fun with K'nex creating Archimedean Excogitation Jr. (a.k.a. the Entropy Machine),
a modified version of the trampoline tower : : teamwork vs entropy
-Discovering George Rhoads and finding a video of the Archimedian Excogitation (Senior) online

-patient friends who do not give up on me, no matter how long it takes to respond to their letters
-fun with rubber stamps and markers

-Family Games on Sunday : : Monopoly after Holy Mass: : Scrabble after Dinner

-a new week for moments.

Joining the Gratitude Community at A Holy Experience today and every Monday:

Blessed be God forever!

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