Thursday, September 1, 2011

September's Invitation and Challange

from today's Gospel:

"Put out into deep water..." (Luke 5:4)

This was Jesus' invitation to Simon and his companions.

Obedience to God's call leads to participation in His life,
an abundance of grace far beyond our understanding.

Two thousand years later, his invitation still stands for each one of us.

How will I respond?

Luke says this of the disciples:

"When they brought their boats to the shore, 
they left everything and followed him." (Luke 5:11)

I want to live these lines from the Gospel this month.
Every day, in big and small ways.






and above all, Love!

Love says,

"Do not be afraid." (Luke 5:10)

Lord, I am not afraid,
as long as You are with me.
Help me to do the Father's Will.
Help me to pray well for the fishers of men,
for the salvation of souls
that all may glorify Your Holy Name.

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