Saturday, September 3, 2011

My Guardian Angel...

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And so are God's people.
Generous people.
Forgiving people.
Kind people.
Helpful people.
+  +  +  +  +

When her parents asked me if I needed a ride home
after a babysitting job late last night,
I said, "I think I'm all set, thanks."

Normally I take a golf cart from the club
up to the other side of the golf course and walk home from there.
It's only about a 3 minute drive followed by a 5 minute walk
all in familiar territory.


Late last night, when I got to the carts,
I stopped for a moment, wondering.
What was that noise coming from the woods?
Crazy shrieking, laughing, howling.
Coyote party!

I was terrified.

"Lord, help me! What am I to do?
I can't go home alone tonight!"

And I prayed to my guardian angel
for help and protection
as I swallowed my pride
and went back to the room named "Courageous."

He was very understanding, and came down with me.
He took me home the long way,
the safe way,
 six, seven minutes by car.

 + + + + +
Tonight, I am going back to babysit again.
But this time, I will borrow my mother's cell phone
so that I can call my father late at night
to come take me home the long way,
the safe way,
five, six minutes by car.

Earlier, part of me wanted to attempt the cart drive and walk home
just to prove my faith in the protection of my guardian angel.
I was a little bit ashamed  of being so scared last night!

Then I realized,
thinking about the Guardian Angel prayer,
that my fear was healthy and can be seen as guidance from my Guardian Angel.
After all, his job is not only to protect, but also to guide.

It would have been rash to have attempted to drive the cart through the woods and walk home on my own. Maybe nothing would have happened to me, but I have no way of knowing that.

God's grace works in mysterious ways.
My Guardian Angel saved me from the coyotes last night by letting me be afraid.  

And tonight, as the sun sets on another beautiful day,
I prepare to go
and return safely from another babysitting job
with my father's help,
I pray to my Guardian Angel
in thanksgiving for the love he has shown me in the past
and in petition that I may always live under his protection
and in the light of his wisdom:

Guardian Angel
my guardian dear
to whom God's love
commits me here,
Ever this day
be at my side
to light and to guard
to rule and to guide.

Thanks be to God for my Guardian Angel,
for my father,
for my mother,
and for the kind people of Courageous.

Sweet Jesus, Jesus Love,
I love You!


  1. Mary, it's just my humble opinion – but I have the feeling we have lots more than just one guardian angel per person. I think we have legions who just split up the duties accordingly. And I'm happy you're taking the phone – golf courses – no matter how familiar – can be dangerous at night. I really hearted the way you wrote this – the poetry in the lines – and the important – IMPORTANT reminder – that I am not alone – I am never, ever, alone. and the pictures – they helped tell the story – and I hearted each one. (((( big smiles here)))) God bless and keep you Mary!

  2. Thank you for stopping by, Craig!

    Yes, you are so right: we are never, ever, alone! Whether it is a legion of Guardian Angels or just one, we are in good hands.

    I have a tendency to get so focused on trying to be independent and not be a burden on anyone that sometimes I forget this.
    Reflecting on the coyote adventure forced me to stop and acknowledge that I need help,
    and also to give thanks for this fact of life instead of feeling sorry for it.

    And I am glad that you enjoyed the poetry and the pictures as much as I enjoyed putting them together!

    God is good, may He bless you with all grace, Craig!


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