Monday, September 26, 2011

Home again

As I unpack my bags,
I pause for a moment to look at the crucifix hanging above my bed
and I sigh, “Home.”

My heart and soul are at peace
after a beautiful trip to the mountain country
where I was born.

Grace upon grace showers down on me in these last few weeks
as I finally realize how dear they all are,
my family far and near,
only when it’s time to say goodbye.

And prayers fall from my heart,
through my lips,
on my breath as I have learned from holy people.

I pray calmly, quietly,
as I unpack my bags,
at home only for a time.

Lord, help me to live these last few weeks—days!
one day at a time, in the moment.
Thank you for all the precious moments!”

11 days left, and I give thanks for:

-those mountains surrounding me for the last time : : homecoming over and over again
-American Cassinise Benedictines : : Mass with seminarians 
-The Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph, looking after everyone in that house
-knowing that Sara is at peace : : and it's not too late to get to know her better
-this post, making me even more grateful for the rich correspondences I have enjoyed over the last few years

Joining the Gratitude Community at A Holy Experience today and every Monday 
(but there is only one Monday left until E-Day!)
Blessed be God forever!

One day at a time...

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