Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bl. Jane of Aza

Today is the memorial of Blessed Jane of Aza. 
Wife of Felix de Guzman.
Mother of Blessed Mannes and Saint Dominic.
So I guess that makes her the grandmother of all Dominicans.

A Three-Fold Prayer to Blessed Jane of Aza:

Blessed Jane of Aza, before Saint Dominic came to birth you dreamed a dream which foretold his mission to set the whole world on fire by the Holy Preaching. Today we, his children, your grandchildren, still dream dreams and long to be what we should be so that the whole world will catch the living flame of God's love~~intercede for us, Abuelita, that our dreams may not be in vain!

Blessed Jane of Aza, in your love for God you raised your sons Dominic and Mannes to be faithful servants and friends of the Lord~~intercede for us, Abuelita, that we may imitate them and speak only of God and to God!

Blessed Jane of Aza, you know the intentions that I am confiding to Jesus through the Blessed Virgin Mary and through your son in a novena before his feast day on the 8th of August. How I pray for my Dominican brothers, your grandsons: the 13 new novices who will receive the habit on the 8th, the 9 novices who will make solemn profession on the 13th, and the 16 novices who will make simple profession on the 15th~~do you also intercede for each one of them, Abuelita, in this time of joyful preparation!


Thanks be to God for my Abuelita and for the whole Dominican family!

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