Monday, August 29, 2011

Giving thanks after Irene

Giving thanks today...

for the gifts and graces of this beautiful weekend and day:

-sharing laughs with family over the escapades of Sister Bertrille + co.
-babysitting one of God's most precious little angels : : she lives and I am blessed : : hidden grace
-reading the Word on the bridge as she slept in her stroller : : more peace in my soul than I'd had in days
-I sang my favorite songs to her, not embarrassed or self-conscious at all : :  moonless night : : home safe
-F's move to college went well
-the mystery of God's will and providence making good out of my failure : : new arrangement for girls' room
-We made it safely through the storm : : the basement did not flood : : K'nex on this side, Legos on the other
-his gentle reminder that I need to be more patient
-understanding her and loving her more : : good neighbors "roughing it" together
-deep sleep in the pitch dark : : morning dawning beautiful and clear
-the example of John the Baptist, whose feast day is today: "I must decrease, and He must increase!"
-morning clean-up teamwork: : oreos, melted ice-cream, + cherries as a snack for hungry workers
-Our Lady's Statue is back in the garden!
-power came back quicker than expected : : enjoying the luxury of a hot shower at home! : : internet access

Joining the Gratitude Community at A Holy Experience today and every Monday:

Blessed be God forever!

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  1. glad you made it through hurrican irene ok :-)


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