Monday, August 8, 2011

Giving thanks on the Feast of Saint Dominic

O Lumen Ecclesiae
Doctor veritatis
Rosa patientiae
Ebur castitatis
Aquam sapientiae
propinasti gratis
Praedicator gratiae
nos junge beatis.
-Traditional Dominican Hymn to Saint Dominic 
(video by the Blackfriars)
 Lord, I thank You for the grace of the Holy Preaching which constantly saves the souls of so many of Your children, including my own.
And today, on this joyful feast, I give thanks to God for more of His 1000+X gifts:  
  • word that they are well
  • 13 minutes faster 
  • rain pouring down
  • ripples on the roadside
  • umbrella sisters encouragement right before Holy Mass
  • librarian's greeting
  • homemade hamburgers
  • the advent of Hope
  • the Pope of my childhood is a Witness to Hope
  • she's a natural
  • fork wars
  • mosquito-less evening (a miracle after the rain!)
  • dry bench by the cliff
  • Love endures longer than the sand it is written in down by the Bay
  • A Mint Chocolate Chip Klondike and bedtime stories
  • continuity in my new florilegium already
  •  chromis simonis and a didrachmon (Matthew 17:22-27)
  • the Papacy endures to this day
  • silence and solitude
  • peace in my heart at the end of a beautiful day
  • Founder's Feast and revelations of Divine Love
  • constant guidance of Divine Providence
  • The meeting went well and the data project is finished
  • quiet waiting days, just living now...
Joining the Gratitude Community at A Holy Experience today and every Monday:

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