Monday, August 15, 2011

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin

Some reflections from my journal, written on August 15, 2009 :

“Nothing can ever separate us from His love.” Romans 8:38
...and so she who loved most purely and perfectly was drawn into Heaven by Love, for her Son would not let her be separated from Him by death.

Rejoice, all you saints and souls of the just!
Rejoice, all you orphans, sinners, and wanderers, you lost children!
Rejoice, heavens!
Rejoice, earth!
and bless the Lord our God this day, for He has taken His Mother from earth to Heaven.
Jesus saved us by His sacrifice on the Cross,
and continually sanctifies us and intercedes for us by His sacrifice on the Altar.
Mary, likewise, being our Mother inasmuch as we are members of Christ’s Body, the Church, also prays to God on our behalf, and graciously bestows all of God’s good gifts on us.
But this day, she holds also the promise of immortality, that will be given at the end of time.
We shall then be like her, and like her Son, and we shall see them as they are. 

*   *   *   *   * 
This day, I rejoice in the mystery of the Assumption of my Blessed Mother into Heaven, and thank God for his superabundant gifts, given through her:

1000+X+46, and still counting...

-mini family reunion :: red hair and freckles :: Aunt Ellie got there first! :: running barefoot :: 
"Around the World" on the basketball court with cousins :: His victories over my fear :: 
F. behind me all the way up :: laughing crazy happiness :: Hallelu! Glory all for the Blessed Trinity :: 

-Gladiolis garden :: kitchen trash duty :: Mary of the Pine Statue :: being with family 
:: finally learning to crochet in the round :: Grandma's "hat"

-today's graces, just beginning :: lessons about oversleeping :: time enough for Office of Readings :: 
candles lit around her statue :: a whole group of girls celebrating with us :: red-headed Thurifer :: 
Abbot's Homily :: greetings in Spanish from my former teacher on the way home from Mass :: rain falling ::
Dominican Brothers making simple vows 

 -today's is the next-to-last doctor's visit before I can send my application to the convent!

afternoon update:
-flooding roads :: lost wanderings in the halls :: misunderstanding :: the embarrassment of rescheduling ::
tomorrow we will try again :: mother's calm acceptance and forgiveness of my carelessness ::
errand of love for a neighbor on the way home :: quiet time alone to think about God's grace :: 
precious memories of June :: the patience of my Novice Mistress is still a light in my life, even out here
-Coming home to this beautiful post by Ann Voscamp :: Wondering if I haven't just had a parallel experience to that of her Farm Boy, though I've not broken any windows, praise be to God!
-I don't have the all answers :: but God knows :: and the ponderings go on...
and always:
  -weakness, uselessness, despair break out daily, showing me how much I need God in my life

:: but the storms are always countered with His gentleness and Love :: and this life is not the only life ::
I have a family waiting for me and praying for me in Heaven!
*  *  *  *  *

Blessed be God forever, for ages unending, amen!

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