Monday, August 1, 2011

been counting since last week...

Giving thanks to God today for His 1000+X gifts:

From the second half of Monday last week:
  1. the most recent batch of files--done. So many names triggering sweet and bittersweet memories at work.
  2. first engagement
  3. cooler weather
From Tuesday:
  1. her wish for a blueberry muffin or banana bread fulfilled--by blueberry banana muffins!
  2. finishing breakfast in tears of laughter for the second morning in a row (I love my crazy family!)
  3. encounter with a Franciscan sister (and the three Friars of the Renewal are still here, too!)
  4. joy in my heart, leaving the island. We're going on an adventure!
  5. we turned onto Waterman Street. I lost the game.
  6. keeping watch for the Providence College sign on the side of the pray for my Friars Preachers!
  7. driving down the now familiar route to my convent...only we're not going to my convent. Just to a college run by Jesuits.  ; P
  8. the most hospitable Wendy's staff I've ever met, just down the hill from the college where my sister will start as a freshman this fall 
  9. re-entering Providence at's that for Providence?!
  10. afternoon off from work...transition back to the 70s and early 80s tomorrow
  11. email from my dear Mistress, clarifying a question I had. Now I can go to the Doctor's later this week!
Days of grace, noticing love in the big and little things, but not recording until all gratitude for all this came pouring out one afternoon (but not in chronological order, or any kind of order!)...
  1. letter from one friend; package (with homemade honey!) from another
  2. grace and courage to speak despite anxiety and fear
  3. beginning "training"--jogging with littlest sister
  4. the Communion of Saints
  5. The Bishop of the Golden Tongue and the Bishop of the Golden Words
  6. exploring Parade School and praying hard for Danny and his family
  7. 2 CSC sisters looking after me
  8. already building anticipation and prayer for Dominican Brothers: the 13, the 9, and the 16.
  9. Adam of the Road and High Middle Ages History memories
  10. early morning planting: the last of the bean plants
  11. 99, 99, 99, and 99! See what glory and knowledge God has given!
  12. the number 313 keeps on popping up at work...and I am so grateful for the Edict of Milan! 
  13. littlest sister's great love revealed as we sit near the garden together in the afternoon: "I gave you the biggest raspberry, Mary!"
  14. God's love is uncalculating, too!
  15. 6 round band-aids covering my worst signs of weakness and the fun my sister and I had putting them on me and decorating them (this has to do with one of my yellow stars, by the way, the one that says, "you will never break your bad habits. Just keep giving in/ ignoring them/ getting angry about them"  I've given in to this one destructive habit for nearly 21 years and bear scars on my legs because of it. 21 years, and my legs have never been clear of scabs. I've had enough! But how can I get angry when one of my band-aids says, "God is Love!" and the others are pretty and I cannot get at my scabs to pick them off anymore?) God is good!
  16. Ketchup makes everything better
  17. bees in the raspberry patch
  18. deadheading marigolds and memories of childhood gardening with Mommy (inchworm, inchworm, measuring the marigolds...)
  19. shade
  20. the promise of a new month rapidly approaching...and so many glorious feast-days ahead!  
  21. confirmation of a hope--things are coming together! and it was worth the wait and even the fears last night, for the joy that I have now is so much the greater! 
  22. and that he should take time out of his vacation to email me and reassure me that he has not forgotten, for this I am truly grateful, and beg a thousand blessings from God upon him!
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