Saturday, August 6, 2011

Of Mudpies and Temper Tantrums

Yes, this is going to be a messy post...

We were conversing on the topic of making mudpies as children. Littlest sister said that she had actually eaten one once, at least one small bite anyway.

Eldest sister replied, "Well, it's good for your immune system; it helps build resistance," and explained that germs in small quantities actually make our body's defense system stronger and more prepared.

Immediately, I wondered if the same is not true of the spiritual life as well.

These storms of mine, Desperada going wild, are they making me stronger? It is true that I have not died from the strain of warding off her attacks yet. And it is always such a joy when Hope gains the upper hand and I breathe free once more.

Yes, much as I long to be rid of Desperada once and for all (I waste so much time and energy fighting her!), after every attack, might I be a little bit stronger?

Is my eyesight ever clearer after tears pour out?

I give thanks for my life more fiercely than I had despaired of it not two minutes before.

The sun shines again, the good Lord coaxes a smile out of me and I'm grinning like a fool before I know what hit me.

Eldest sister is right. And Hope?... 

Hope is wick!

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