Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wee Sing Bible Songs...

...Probably one of the best tapes I ever owned as a child.

And for reasons I can't explain, I just got His Banner over Me is Love running through my head, along with an image of my head hidden under the folds of Jesus' mantle. I guess it means that I belong to Him or something ;)

(Actually, all this was probably it was triggered by the fact that I was looking at vocation stories of Dominican Contemplative Nuns in Vocation in Black and White again. It never fails!)

So anyway, I had to find a version of the song on Youtube. Not WeeSing--Cedarmont Kids, but same idea anyway.

Here it is:

And then I listened to some sample clips from Wee Sing Bible Songs itself, because the tape is long gone. :(

If I had an Amazon wishlist, this tape would probably be on it. But I'm 'too old' and so are all my siblings, even the youngest.  :(

What's that you ask me?

No, I never really grew up!

Or did you mean to say, "We're never really too old for Bible Songs!"

I'm glad you agree! :)

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