Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Challenge of the Day

 Bl. John XXIII on imitating the saints:
 "God wants us to follow the examples of the saints, assimilate the vital substance of their virtues, convert it into our own blood, and adapt it to our own unique habits and special circumstances." -Mario Benigni and Goffredo Zanchi's John XXIII, the Official Biography (quoting Bl. John's journal)
follow...assimilate...convert*...adapt...Got it! (um, a little help here, please!) Only by grace, so I pray,
Lord, thank you for the example of your saints, blesseds, and all the holy men and women who have walked your way before us. Help us to follow their example and put their virtues into practice according to your will for our lives. Amen.

*there's that word again...convert. metanoia. conversatio morum. I cannot be the same today as I was yesterday. Onward and upward...

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