Saturday, July 9, 2011

Death...and life

The husband of a friend passed away recently. My mother and I went to his funeral this morning. From what I've learned of his life, he was a good man, our Betty's Antonio. I pray that Christ may give him new life, that he may rest in peace and rise in glory on the last day !

Further north, also this morning, I know Br. Stephen made his first profession at St. Anselm's Abbey. Holy Father St. Benedict, look with love on my brother and grant him perseverance and joy in the life to which God has called him ! Dying to himself, he has taken another step toward the fullness of life...

And how am I called to live and die this day? Isn't this a question we should all ask ourselves everyday? Or should we just do it...sometimes I wonder if my words and thoughts and plans don't get in the way of God's words and thoughts and plans too much...but anyway I'd better get back to work...cross-stitch, piano, much to do, so little time, and I will probably start work on Monday !

Praise and blessings be to God, now and evermore. The conspiracy goes on...

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