Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Divine Sonship and Humility

From Fire of Mercy, Heart of the Word I (reflection on Mt 11:25a) :
"For Jesus to be Son means, essentially, to be response, and his prayer reveals the tremendously creative power of being dependent on another and responsible to another out of love...[Jesus] speaks no words of his own because he is in every fiber of his being the Word of Another."(Merikakis, 686)
Is it a coincidence that the word response reminds me of the Latin word for spouse: sponsa? If not, what does this mean for my life? I believe that I am called to be a spouse of the Word, Verbi Sponsa. Spouse of the Word who speaks no words but the words of His Father--our Father. Spouse of the Word who speaks the words of spirit and life. So, what is my response? Do I speak the words of our Father, the words of spirit and life? Or do I grumble, complain, seek pity, even utter words that do not spring from a heart of love but one of darkness? Lord, you who are the Word of Another, teach me to speak, live, and breathe only God's words, not my own, for your words are spirit and life. You who live and reign forever, amen.

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