Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dominican Preaching at its Best

Here are two videos from a man whose preaching had a direct impact on my vocation discernment more than two years ago as I was trying to figure out whether God wanted me to be a teaching sister or a contemplative nun. I later had a chance to meet him on the occasion of the Solemn Profession of one of our Dominican nuns, which was a beautiful experience.

Since yesterday was the feast of Mary Magdalene, who, as I said, is one of the major patrons of the Order of Preachers, the friars put together this short video reflection. It is clear, concise, and absolutely beautiful!

As I watched this video, I was reminded of the much longer video by Fr. Dominic Legge that changed my life in the spring of my sophomore year of college. Directed toward men discerning whether God was calling them to be friars, and focused on the topic of the Grace of the Holy Preaching, it nonetheless inspired me to give my life up to the hidden apostolate of prayer in the cloister. This video can be found on the Summit blog here (I left a comment under the pseudonym Caterina)or on the friars' websites here and here. All three links lead to the same video on different's that for thoroughness?! 

And this week's Word to Life is wonderful, as always. Fr. Gabriel Gillen, Fr. Bruno Shah, and Br. Innocent Smith have outdone themselves in discussing the readings for Mass tomorrow. 
***I have to remember to pray especially for Br. Innocent next Friday, as he will be hosting the show while the Fathers go on vacation!!!***

God bless my Friar Fathers and Brothers, as well as my Sisters!
We are one family in Christ, through the Motherhood of Mary and the patronage of Saint Dominic, Mary Magdalene, Saint Augustine, and the other saints of the Order!

Praedicator gratiae, nos junge beatis!

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