Friday, July 22, 2011

Hold on to your hope...

Yesterday, I stopped drinking coffee at breakfast, and this minor abstinence had a direct effect on my attitude at work. I realized that I was a lot more mellow, a little less wired, but still worked well, perhaps a tad slower, but not by much. Someone whispered in my heart, "I like you better this way, Mary." And I had to agree. Lord,  
I am weak, scattered, poor. I need to lean on someone for support every day of my life. To lean on someone and know that I am loved, cared for, not forgotten. Coffee is an artificial energizer--I want my energy, my strength, and all of my joy to come from You and You alone. No more coffee. Lord, I need You!

"The good news is that the Beloved loves to be leaned on!" (Martin, Ralph. The Fulfillment of all Desire,117)

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