Monday, July 11, 2011

More evidence...

Giving thanks again for the Word's ineffable Love...

banquet breakfast banter
kayakers from across the Bay, here for Mass
my mother's famous pasta macaroni salad
my father's ever-astonishing theological library includes ELM's The Way of the Disciple!
time for the Word: personal reflections on passages Exodus and Matthew, followed by a reading of Fire of Mercy Heart of the Word to compare notes
fresh raspberries from my own backyard
a cup of cold water...the Word in action! (Mt 10:42) Lord, reward her! It is you who have accomplished all we have done!
blowing bubbles and chasing butterflies with happy girls
moments slowing...
The Empath: one of the best Star Trek episodes ever! So much to think about...
quiet time by the Bay again

sleep-in despite best intentions
another quadrant of cross-stitch finished...maybe a week's worth of work left!
Celebrating the feast day of our holy father St. Benedict
Mass readings that I didn't prepare for
coffee at breakfast
the internet connected (finally!)
lunch with three amazing little ones...
so that's the way the cookie crumbles!
strength from above
and forgiveness
liberating soy madre!
piano practice
letter beautifully written by my Betsy
broken afternoon
invitation to slow down and maybe get more sleep tonight
and to focus my attention on the Word because I don't have all the answers today...
nor do I ever, but He does.

...though the day runs short, there are many more gifts to come from the Heart of the Word, if only I know how to see and give thanks!

Joining the Gratitude Community at A Holy Experience today and every Monday:

Lord, thank you for the example and patronage of our holy father St. Benedict. Through his intercession, help me and all of his children to respond to your countless blessings in a spirit of love and mercy, and to offer you a sacrifice of joyful praise throughout this day! Amen.

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