Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Still counting...

now that I've dumped my messiness in one place so I can take a look at it and clean it up little by little, with the help of grace...

Here are my joys:
sleep-in (after last night's storm, there was no way I was getting up before 6:30)
God's gift of Himself in the Eucharist at Mass
not 1, or 2, but 4 letters sent out in the mail!
pictures of plebs...God bless them!
moved more things to my desk in the basement, now I'm a little more organized down here
made it through training for work next week
N's smile
red apple--delicious!
precious peace walking home alone after lunch
newly tuned piano
hour-long nap (after another storm...hopefully the tension of these days is finally broken)
Sean's amusement at my dazed expression after I woke up..."You look lost..."
Realizing that I might be able to find some answers in the Bible (surprise, surprise)...
but did I do it yet? No...that's tomorrow's task. 
The gift of tomorrow...Perfect, unspoiled, ready for good action with the help of God's grace (and a good night's sleep!)
girls giggling...and watching Lillies of the Field 
pictures and Abbot Matthew's homily from Br. Stephen's simple profession posted online
dinner outside with friends
June bugs...interesting
Fresh "fluffy" chocolate brownies baked by Diane
K's mother's generosity...we have cucumbers and squash!
walk with Diane down to the bay in the evening after dropping K off
high tide again
another beautiful sunset complete with dramatic sunbeams and clouds moving along
I now know two young men who are considering vocations at PA (Lord, bless them!)
time to relax tonight...
So many blessings, Lord, and the greatest? Your Love and Your Mercy, 
Your Patience, and Your Providence. Thank You!

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