Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More evidence...

from the end of yesterday...
the crazy happiness of that kid, stacking vegetables and practicing vowel sounds at dinner
waves leaping high and I'm a bit windblown on top of the big rock
day lilies, facing their sun, trumpeting glory songs
waxing moon
work starts next week, meeting about it on Wed...
beans sprouting, leaning towards the window's light
birthday 'card' done for tomorrow--fun with construction paper, scissors, and glue
High hopes for tomorrow: a day to begin again

From the beginning of today...
breakfast with friends
a more definitive answer to a question that has been on my heart for a while
piano practice...things are starting to come together
helpful imput from Mommy on the Angel's Serenade song
beginning to learn the most beautiful arrangement of Morning has Broken...I was actually able to sightread my way through the introduction without too much trouble.
progress on cross-stitch
productive morning, only by grace!

thanks be to God for the abundant gifts flowing from the love of His Heart!

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