Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quote(s) of the Day

 reflection on Mt 10:34 from Fire of Mercy, Heart of the Word I--
“Christ’s sword comes to destroy our illusions, our self-deceptions, and to open in our being a blessed wound that will be our clear window to truth and love.” (Merikakis, 601)

and a reflection on Mt 10:38--
“Whatever else the disciple might happen to be doing exteriorly and visibly, he is always carrying the Cross of Jesus in silence and obedience and love. Or, better, everything done by the disciple qua disciple collectively constitutes ‘his cross,’ for it is his share in the redemptive task.
What is at the center of the disciple’s Way of the Cross, at the core of the drama of his following of Jesus, is not particular actions but rather an unseen life in union with the Heart and soul of the incarnate Word before the Face of his Father. ” (Merikakis, 612)

These are reflections on the Gospel for tomorrow, unless the monks decide to use a special one for the feast of St. Benedict!
There is at least one sword involved in the conspiracy of love...the two-edged sword of the Word!
And of course the Cross manifests itself in the conspiracy as fact, it is at the core. Can the love of God be separated from the Cross, understood apart from the Cross???

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