Monday, July 18, 2011

More evidence...and Quote of the Day

I’ve already counted beyond 1000, but I keep losing track of God’s superabundant gifts of love that have graced my life over the last few months down to today, and it's always good to begin here’s the latest count from recent days:

  1. time to marvel at the yellow swallowtail butterfly in my own backyard
  2. swallows (“birds of the air”) reminding me every time I see them: God loves and cares even for me!
  3. Letter from a dear friend, with news and lots of love and laughter, and yes, even prayer!
  4. Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis says, "The Eucharist is the ordinary means by which God's kingdom on earth is multiplied" (Fire of Mercy, Heart of the Word II, 254)...I had to think about that one for a bit...ordinary?!!! Depends on what you mean by 'ordinary,' I guess! (He's right, though, from a certain point of view, thanks be to God for that!)
  5. precious family time, more and more precious every day
  6. chance to speak with my father on the phone, sharing memories of yesterday and stories of today...remembering Adam. (May he rest in peace!)
  7. borrowed flip-flops (she wore them on her honeymoon!) carry my feet on an errand of love in the morning
  8. talking about the amazing bean plants and heliotropism with my mother (no, I never stopped being homeschooled...!)
  9. wineberries to share with sister and brother at the Bay
  10. sister who plays the “Ode to Joy” at full volume on the stereo over and over in the afternoon...
  11. ...and walks with me down the rails in the evening.
  12. patient brother who doesn’t seem to mind my confused commentary and questions about LotR as we watch it together on a lazy summer Sunday
  13. flying chocolate ice cream...
  14. on hands and knees cleaning it up...remembering the Novitiate Stairs (Tuesday morning cleaning! I miss Tuesdays in the convent, too! Especially Confession Tuesdays!)
  15. looking forward to my father’s homecoming tomorrow night!
  16. it's all in the technique... whether I'm peeling potatoes just in time for breakfast, cutting Cranberry Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, or sweeping the floor of the Convent's Laundry (how I miss Wednesday mornings there!)...but I've so much to learn about techinque!
  17. beautiful weather for a walk after dinner on Sunday...fallen tree by the dam for quiet prayer time and preparation of the next day’s Mass readings
  18. humility to realize that I am fallen too...only by grace do I live and love!
  19. I am God’s possession, only in this do I find my dignity, my redemption (Ephesians 1:14)...
  20. ...committing myself to try to be more faithful to Ephesians Lectio and memorization in the coming days, weeks, and months. Lord, have mercy and help me!
  21. God’s quiet whispering in my soul over and over again, as many times as I need to hear it: “Slow are mine, and I love you!”
  22. Love always wins over hatred in the end. Always. Even if the weeds are allowed to grow with the wheat for a time...Love always wins! 
Update: Monday's gifts...1000+X+11...
  1. another Psalm added to my list of favorites...if I had a, should I have a top ten list? If so, which would they be? 118 for sure, and now 73, too...and there are others. I'll have to look them up later.
  2. the appearance of CFR's--two of them! And the two discerners are still here, too, if only for a time...(Lord, help them to persevere in seeking and doing Your will!)
  3. robins. Even though it's not spring, it still makes me happy to see them outside my window.
  4. first day of work graces...
  5. office ladies 
  6. names of friends and strangers flashing before my eyes, all invitations to prayer
  7. his joking "let there be light"
  8. finding of a system, falling into a rhythm
  9. corner office breezes
  10. walking home with midday prayer psalms on my lips
  11. ...and many more gifts to come, straight from His Heart!
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