Saturday, July 16, 2011

The War Board

When I'm working, this board is covered in stars.
The stars are organized in the four columns according to subject. 
The hearts represent the color coding on the stars, so that I can sort them easily if they ever get mixed up as I'm taking them in and out of the War Folder. For example, stars with a blue heart on them go in the "Time and Talents" column.
One by one, over the coming weeks, I hope to take the stars with negative thoughts written in red ink up into the "Individual Attention" box. Once they are there, I will pray, talk to them a bit, pray, try to understand where they are coming from, pray, acknowledge both the truth and the falsity in them, pray, prepare my defenses for the next time they pop up in my life, and pray...
Last of all, the Blue Dot represents surrender (to God's love and His Will, not to the negative thoughts!) and peace.
I'm also thinking about writing positive responses, (including Scripture quotes, prayer ejaculations, and yes, maybe even affirmations...) and real truths in blue ink on more stars...but that will come later.
That's enough war-work for today!
Praise be to God for the gift of my life!

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